Gridiron Australia has decided to adopt the USA Football Coaching Accreditation Framework. By adopting this framework, Gridiron Australia can not only standardise the accreditation of coaches throughout Australia, but also provide a career pathway for Australian coaches both here and overseas. Gridiron Australia is also working with the Australian Sports Commission on having the program recognised nationally in conjunction with their Community Coaching Principles (previously known as Level 1 General Principles).

As part of the program, Gridiron Australia will work with all existing accredited coaches on transitioning to the new framework. All coaches regardless of existing accreditation will be required to complete the USA Football Level 1 Youth Tackle Certification which focusses on the safety and wellbeing of players and covers the concept of Heads Up Football.

By becoming certified under the USA Football program, coaches will have ongoing access to the USA Football coaching resources portal as well as access to Gridiron Australia?s coaching development HUDL site.

If you want further detail on the program or want to become certified as a Gridiron Australia recognised coach, please visit Gridiron Australia online.

Gridiron Australia is strongly committed to development of its coaches and believes this program will better facilitate that development going forward.