Gridiron Australia to use HeadSmart Sports Concussion Program

Gridiron Australia are very pleased to announce they will be trialling the FirstResponder Concussion App from HeadSmart Sports Concussion Programme at the upcoming 2017 Junior National Championships.

HeadSmart? provides an end-to-end sports concussion solution for?grassroots schools and clubs to the same standard as professional teams.The First Responder Concussion App is a very practical tool for the coaches and it helps to reduce the risk for both the player and the coach. Parents will be happy to know that the coaches will be equipped with the First Responder Concussion App.

National Coaching Director, Paul Manera, has introduced the program to Gridiron Australia whom are very happy to endorse this safety initiative.

All coaching staff that will be participating at the upcoming Junior National?s will have access to the HeadSmart? FirstResponder Concussion App on their phones. ?This will help them to determine, on the sidelines, if a player is concussed.


Source: Gridiron Australia