2013-14 Season Update

The Football season is upon us once more. After a month of NFL action to whet our appetites it’s finally time to hit the field again for Gridiron West’s 2013/14 season!

There have been some big changes to the league this year:

  • We finally have an electronic scoreboard on the way. We’re still a fair way from an NFL style jumbotron but I’m sure players and spectators alike will love the ability to know the score at any time in the game!
  • ALL teams in Gridiron West are now fielding junior squads. With the runaway success of the Curtin Saints squad last year (who dominated the Broncos in the championship game) it will be very interesting to see how the new teams fare and whether the Saints can continue their dominance of the junior division after losing their graduating players.
  • The league has moved away from a single venue for the season, with games being played at various club home grounds. Specific locations are yet to be announced but the big ticket venue would have to be the West Coast Wolverines ‘Big House’ – the Joondalup Arena. Games will also be played at the Blitz, Saints and Vipers home grounds.
  • Along with the move to a home & away style fixture Friday night football is now a regular feature in the Gridiron West calendar. The season opener is a championship rematch between the Perth Broncos and Perth Blitz, junior kickoff is at 6pm and the main event gets underway at 8:30pm.

There is no entry fee to Gridiron West’s regular season games so come on down to watch, or even better – contact your local team and put the pads on yourself!