Football is back! Prepare your bodies for Season 2016-17

I know you’ve seen zero updates on here since last season, which was a long while ago now but rest assured, everything still continues to move along. A quick recap; In the seniors, the Broncos surprised the Saints in the first semi-final and got a win over them and the Vipers surprised no one with a win over the Steelers. The Vipers then extended that effort into the final by putting up a shutout in the final against the Broncos (50-0), taking them to 2 out of 3 wins in the past 3 seasons. While over in the Under 19s competition, the junior Vipers came away with a Junior West Bowl XI title against the Jets after putting up a shutout against the Blitz in the first semi-final while the Jets put away a fighting Wolverines for their first ever bowl game.

Ronelle Stephens of the Vipers led the top scorers for the seniors with 116 points (12.9 PPG), Curtin Saint’s Daniel Strickland following closely with 112 (10.6 PPG). In the Under 19s, Mitch Crookes finished top with 70 points (7.8 PPG), closely followed by teammate Chris Gale on 68 (6.2 PPG).

In the end, of course, football is the real winner. Were there any milestones achieved in your club this season? Did someone break a longstanding club record (or maybe a league record) during the 2015-16 season? Let us know in the comments for the post on Facebook.

In the offseason, we all came together for another Raiders campaign in the AGL, once again getting to the big show up in Queensland against the Sundevils, to come away with an overtime loss by a field goal. An impressive effort by a great squad, I’m sure many will regroup in just under two year’s time to do it all again.

For the Under 19s, quite a few WA boys ventured up to the deepest parts of China to represent Australia at the World Championships. Some great performances by all the boys saw them come away with 3 wins and a whole lot of experience and stories to bring back. A great bit of work was achieved by the staff to get them there, a lot of them based here in WA, ?well done to all.

We’re mere days away from tearing the wrapping of a brand new season, aptly labelled 2016-17, and I bet everyone is itching to get onto the field and take out the many frustrations that have built up since the last time teams got together at the end of the season. As always, people have moved, teams have changed personnel but still, the colours remain the same. Welcome to Gridiron West’s Road to West Bowl XXII (and Junior West Bowl XII).

The fixtures are being updated onto the site so that they’re current on the site, same with the statistics you all love to read.

As always, this site is volunteer only. If you would like to lend a hand in updating scores, writing posts, etc then please get in contact with us. This site should be used much more than it is but without your help, it can be forgotten too easily. Check back soon for more updates!

See you on the field.