Football is coming


The wait is nearly over. We’re deep into August and it’s a little over a month until the first ball is thrown on the first weekend in October.

A lot of activity has happened in the off-season with the 2014 AGL campaign not going quite as expected for the WA Raiders but recently, an international trip to the Philippines has expanded the relationship between the two countries with an exhibition game in Manila. The result of the game was a positive one for WA with the hopes of an ongoing annual game being the goal.

As for the local season, this is coming up fast. October 3rd is the first game, the Curtin Saints vs the Perth Broncos at the soon to confirmed “central” location on Friday before the rest of the round kicks off at the same location from lunchtime Saturday.

A couple of changes immediately noticeable from last year’s fixtures are that the juniors and seniors games per club will be kept together. This in effect creates mini-rounds between the clubs themselves as both the junior and senior teams will play each other within the same block of time. Hopefully this allows for more seniors to get involved with junior preparation and coaching on gameday as well as junior volunteering during senior games.

The other noticeable change is the number of venues. Last season we had eight different venues to travel to and considering there are only seven clubs, this is a number which is probably too high. We’ve designated Central, North and South venues (all being confirmed), grouped together for four rounds at a time as well as Mt. Claremont for the last two rounds of the season.

The finals venues are yet to be confirmed, all in due time.

At this stage, all clubs have started their preseason preparations so if you’re new to the sport and want to get involved, send in a league enquiry via the contact page or use the “Find Your Nearest Club” box in the sidebar to locate the nearest club to your location and get on down to training. All of the club pages have contact details for phone, email, Facebook and the training grounds. Get involved in a truly great sport.