Get Involved in Gridiron, Week 5 Wrap Up

Gridiron West Week 5 Call to Action & Wrap Up

American football or more commonly called ?Gridiron? here, is easily the best game or sport at teaching skills that people use in everyday life. The greatest football coach of all time, Vince Lombardi once said, ?Football is like life – it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority.? Some other things that it teaches are how to win and lose, sportsmanship, brotherhood, trust and how to compete. All of these things are essential in the ?real world? and I learned them all playing football. I could go into detail, explaining how each word is taught in football and applies to real life. Instead I would like to call to action everyone already involved in this great game and share it with someone else who might think it?s pretty great as well. No other game brings together strategy and a warrior mentality so beautifully. As my current quarterback Justin Sottilare said to me yesterday, ?I love football because no matter how long you have played or studied you can always learn something new in football.? This game is for everyone, from the small to large from the block head linebackers, ?present?. All the way to the insightful thinking man. So my challenge is tell everyone about this sport that you play. Invite all your friends to ?like? your league?s Facebook page or check out your leagues website. From being a fan, coaching, filming, playing or even being the water boy, there is a spot for everyone in this brotherhood. Or the sisterhood in states such as Victoria for people to get involved.

Week 5 was highly competitive across Gridiron West:
In a rematch of last years Grand Final the Vipers gave the Broncos Deja Vu prevailing in a tough defensive game. Final Score Vipers 6 Broncos 0.

In what looks to be a theme for the Steelers recently they have tied with the Wolverines on the weekend. With both offenses still looking for their breakout games. Final Score Steelers 6 Wolverines 6.

The Jets and Saints were involved in a offensive shootout. As the points piled up for both teams with the Saints prevailing. Saints 56 Jets 36.

Next week:
Saturday November 12th, 2016
Steelers vs.Vipers 2:00 pm Anniversary Park, Rockingham
Jets vs. Broncos 6:45 pm Anniversary Park, Rockingham
Blitz vs. Wolverines 3:15 pm Forrest Park