Gridiron West 2012 AGM


Dear GW Members and Community,

The 2012 GW Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday, 31 JUL at the DSR Offices in Leederville. A final AGM report is being prepared and will be made available to your Club Reps in the coming weeks once all editing is complete such that you can see our successes from 2011/12 and the plans being put in place for the 2012/13 season.

As part of the 2013 GW Operational Year, the Board convened its first meeting on Wednesday, 08 AUG and we would like to take this moment to introduce you to the new Board Member Appointments from each Club as well as your GW Officers.

  • President – Ben Gastarov, Rockingham Vipers
  • Vice President – Scott Smith, Perth Blitz
  • Secretary – Chris Atkins, West Coast Wolverines (interim)
  • Treasurer – Mitchell Hart, Claremont Jets
  • Gridiron Australia Rep – Wayne Dropulich, Westside Steelers
  • Club Rep – Mitchell Young, Curtin Saints
  • Club Rep – Joe Ritacca, Gosnells Fire
  • Club Rep – Reece MacMillan, Perth Broncos

These GW Members represent your Club at our monthly Board meetings and run the operations of our eight Club league until the next AGM. Please take a moment to introduce yourself to them and engage them to ensure your concerns or recommendations are heard and dealt with appropriately. In addition, it has been agreed unanimously the following permanent appointment to the GW Board be made as part of the development opportunities we are working on for the League.


W.A. Raiders Head Coach – Justin “JR” Rogers

The success of the Raiders in the inaugural Australian Gridiron League (AGL) National Championships has provided a great foundation to start the journey to the next AGL and JR was the overwhelming choice to lead the Raiders again. Please congratulate and offer your support to JR when the opportunity presents.

Please note that these are only a very small number of the roles GW needs in any given year to effectively manage the League, therefore we encourage you to liaise with your Club Rep or any of the Board Members on a regular basis for other appointments which will become available as we get closer to the season.


GW Board