Half Way to the End

We’re half way through the season and we’ve now got a chance to have a look at the numbers presented to us so far.

In the Open Mens division, up the top of the ladder the Saints and Vipers lead the way. Both have tipped into the 20 point range, 4 points away from the nearest rival, the Broncos (16 points) in third. Historically, 16-20 points has usually been enough to get into the finals but as always, you never know until the end.

The middle of the pack, currently all vying for the last finals position are the Blitz, Steelers and Jets. All on 2 wins but the Jets are ahead of them all by virtue of weather. A draw separating the rest and putting the team in green two points ahead.

Power Rankings
Offense Defense
Team PF Games PPG Team PA Games PPG
Saints 202 6 33.67 Vipers 26 6 4.33
Vipers 177 6 29.50 Saints 50 6 8.33
Broncos 130 6 21.67 Broncos 110 6 18.33
Blitz 84 6 14.00 Blitz 124 6 20.67
Jets 80 6 13.33 Steelers 130 6 21.67
Steelers 48 6 8.00 Jets 140 6 23.33
Wolverines 31 6 5.17 Wolverines 172 6 28.67
Average 752 42 17.90 ? Average 752 42 17.90

The power rankings mirror the ladder for the most part, with the Saints and Vipers again trading positions. Something we’ll likely see for the rest of the season. They’ve got another matchup later in the second half and if the first one is anything to go by, it’ll be a great game to see.

The scoring has seen a late rally from Broncos Blake Marklew with double digit points for the last two rounds to take him up to second, one TD away from the Saints Daniel Strickland. The latter having shot away to an early lead, hasn’t put a score up since the third round.

On the scoring front, well done to the Wolverines for finally breaking into 1000 points. The team had sat on 999 points for 3 rounds. Alex Wolfe was the one to take them into the 1000 point club, getting the ball over the line in the second quarter. Congratulations.


Over in the junior ranks the ladder is shaping up quite differently with the Jets positioning themselves for a finals berth. If they continue, it’ll be the first time since the 2012-13 season that they’ll see the post-season. The junior league is a little more even than their Open Mens brethren, each team is more than capable of taking teams off another. The second half of the season will be a difficult test for some teams, to see if they have the mettle to finish the job.

Power Rankings
Offense Defense
Team PF Games PPG Team PA Games PPG
Vipers 224 6 37.33 Jets 54 6 9.00
Jets 102 6 17.00 Vipers 78 6 13.00
Broncos 72 6 12.00 Blitz 82 6 13.67
Blitz 66 6 11.00 Wolverines 86 6 14.33
Wolverines 66 6 11.00 Broncos 90 6 15.00
Saints 52 6 8.67 Steelers 106 6 17.67
Steelers 34 6 5.67 Saints 120 6 20.00
Average 616 42 14.67 ? Average 616 42 14.67

The Vipers offense holds strong on the power rankings, some 20 points ahead of the next team, the Jets. However it’s the Jets who hold their water better, leading the defensive power rankings. Not quite as dominant over the Vipers, however, a mere 4 points separates them.

The scoring ladder shows the Vipers dominance, with Mitch Crookes along with 3 other teammates taking up the top 4. Mitch has 10 TDs to his name so far, a dominant display that will no doubt continue into the second half of the season as they rely on him more.

This Round

This Friday sees the Vipers and Broncos starting things away at Edinburgh Oval while the Blitz and Jets start proceedings on Saturday and we finish things off with the Steelers and Saints.

If you need to know where the grounds are, please take a look at the game locations page on here for more information.