How We Scored – GW Season 2013-14

The regular season for 2013-14 is now done. We’re down to the final two and the biggest game of our football season awaits.

You may have noticed that through this season I’ve been pushing for people to fill in details for what number they’re wearing and such. This is in the hope of increasing the data we collect during the season. As it stands, the officials during the game record all (well, for the most part) scores and penalties and that person’s jersey number. Nothing more. They won’t record who threw the ball, who got a sack or who picked off an errant pass. Just the scores. The data which is important to the final result.

So, with that in mind, I’ve attempted to compile as comprehensive a ladder as we’ve had before in this league. It’s fairly simple, get all the available data that the referees send through every week (with some complimentary data from teams who sent it through) and try to build a ladder from it. Naturally, there’s going to be missed information along the way. This happens when you’re only getting it from one source (hence using other teams data as well on occasion), but it’s better than what we’ve had.

So, for the regular season, below are the top 10 scorers for Junior and Senior competitions. Now, there’s a couple of caveats to these lists: They’re incomplete in terms of all scores and not all scores have names. Why is this you might ask? Well, for both juniors and seniors, the lists contain lots of scores which aren’t accounted for by anyone. In these cases it’s been attributed to “Unknown” and a jersey number of 0. For juniors, out of the 1250 points scored, over 400 of them are unaccounted for (that doesn’t include players where the jersey number is known but the name isn’t, these are considered “allocated”), over 30% of the scores for the season. In the seniors, it’s not so bad, with over 1800 points put into the endzone, only 200 or so are unaccounted for (11%). The latter caveat is much easier, despite asking, no one seems to be able to put names to all the numbers of people that score.


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Full list.

Congratulations have to go to #80 from the Wolverines and Nate Lansdell of the Rockingham Vipers for topping their respective lists. Although if all the results are submitted to account for the unknown scores, who knows if that might change, or increase their respective leads over the rest of the league.

Some other stats to go with these ladders.

During the 2013-14 season:

  • 3052 points have been scored in both juniors and seniors
  • 1250 and 1802 points in juniors and seniors respectively
  • In the juniors, there were 59 different scorers and in the seniors, 81
  • Both leagues only had 1 safety each for the whole season
  • 459 touchdowns were scored over both leagues (199 and 260 in juniors and seniors). Of those 459, only 149 were converted successfully for another 2 points (28 and 121)
  • In the juniors, the Wolverines lead the way in sharing the ball around with 15 individual scorers (the Jets last with just 4)
  • The Seniors, the Blitz and Broncos tie for most individual scorers with 16 (the Saints and Vipers close behind), while the Wolverines finish the ladder with 8

What do these stats tell us? Nothing, really (except maybe we all need to work on our 2 points conversions), right now it’s just a bit of fun with the information available. What could it be? A potentially useful analysis of the development of our game through statistics and available data. *Potentially*. It’s a very long way from that right now, who knows, it may never get there. But right now and maybe for next season if we can get more from teams in the league, it provides some good bragging rights for those who finish at the top of their respective ladders and the clubs they play for.

In summary, this sort of thing can only exist if we as individual clubs are willing to go that little bit extra and record these sorts of things. It really doesn’t take much to put on a piece of paper which person scored what and how during a game. We have enough stoppages and periods of break to make this a possibility and we shouldn’t leave it all to the officials to record. I’d love to have more detailed stats as I’m sure others would, too, but we all need to do it to make it useful to everyone. It doesn’t have to be NFL/College level of detail, scores will do for now. Maybe more later if we need/want it.

NB: I compiled this data from what I had available to me. As a result, it might be wrong in parts. If you’ve got data which can help fill in the blanks, don’t be afraid to send it through and we’ll clean it up.