Results – Round 1

The results are in, the season has started. Welcome to season 2014-15 of Gridiron West. It didn’t go off without controversy of some kind but games were played, points were scored and fun was had by many.

All games this round were played at Edinburgh Oval at Curtin University, if you’re looking to come and watch at the next round, please check the field locations page for directions.

The Saints put an early hurt on the Broncos with a clean sweep of the Juniors and Senior games, an efficient performance saw the Saints come away with an easy victory. The Jets and Wolverines split the difference with the junior Wolverines continuing their impressive run of wins, narrowly beating an improved Jets, while the senior Jets, securing an early win over their North rivals. The final matchup was only at 50% with the senior Blitz lodging a forfeit but in the earlier game, the junior Blitz came away all the points after a high scoring game which had lots of tension, scores and great football from both teams.

Here are the results:


Saints 14 6 Broncos
Jets 12 14 Wolverines
Blitz 32 28 Vipers


Saints 30 6 Broncos
Jets 14 6 Wolverines
Blitz 0 (Forfeit) 7 Vipers

Who scored can be found in the Scoring section of the site.


Round 2 shifts the Friday night game to Mt Claremont for the Jets vs Steelers (Juniors at 6pm, Seniors at 8pm) and on Saturday, back at Edinburgh Oval, the Saints vs Blitz (Juniors 12pm, Seniors 2pm) are up first and then followed by the evening clash of Broncos vs Wolverines (Juniors 4:45pm, Seniors 6:45pm)

Check fixture details for more information.