Results – Round 2

Round 2 of season 2014-15 gave up some great results and entertaining games across the board. In the Juniors, the Steelers, Blitz and Wolverines came away with wins and in the Seniors; Steelers, Saints and Broncos also got all the points.

Here are the results:


Jets 0 12 Steelers
Saints 0 22 Blitz
Broncos 0 36 Wolverines


Jets 8 14 Steelers
Saints 14 6 Blitz
Broncos 36 0 Wolverines

Who scored can be found in the Scoring section of the site. As with last week, there are lots of gaps in the names of who scored what points so if you can help fill in the details, please let us know.


Round 3 has the Saints hosting the Wolverines on Friday night (6pm and 8pm kickoffs) and on Saturday, the Blitz and Steelers continue their longstanding rivalry from midday (12pm and 2pm kickoffs), followed by the afternoon/evening game of Jets v Vipers (4:45pm and 6:45pm respectively) while the Broncos look on from the sidelines with the bye.

Check fixture details for more information and the game locations page for field details.