Results – Round 3

With the third round of games now played, the league ladder is becoming a little clearer in both the senior and youth divisions.

The Saints are striding ahead with an unblemished 3-0 start, followed by the Vipers who made their intentions clear with a blowout against the Jets. The Blitz also enjoyed their first win of the season over the Steelers with a scrappy and wet 6 point final difference.

Over in the youth division, all four finals spots are taken up by teams on 8 points, the Steelers the only ones among them without a loss thanks to a 2 point victory over the Blitz. The Saints kicked off the round with a 14-6 victory over the reigning champs, Wolverines, ending their 15 game unbeaten run. Meanwhile, the Jets and Vipers put a 84 point game together, the Vipers coming away with a 46-38 victory.

The results:


Saints 41 0 Wolverines
Blitz 20 14 Steelers
Jets 0 62 Vipers


Saints 14 6 Wolverines
Blitz 6 8 Steelers
Jets 38 46 Vipers


Round 4 sees the last round held at Edinburgh Oval (Round 5 is at Kingsway), with the Friday night matchup of Broncos v Vipers starting at 6pm. The Saturday games are Wolverines v Steelers at midday and 2pm, then Saints v Jets from 4:45pm and 6:45pm.

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