Results – Round 5

Round 5 gave us an impressive 3 out of 3 shutouts for the senior games, a feat potentially not seen before in GWs history (not including forfeits). The Saints continued their run of wins into their bye, 5-0, comfortably getting 38 points up on the board before darkness closed in figuratively and literally on the Steelers and the game was called. The Vipers managed 44 points over the Wolverines before they called time halfway through their game and the Blitz, putting 24 points on the Broncos in the last game on Saturday evening.

The juniors, however, produced a more entertaining spectacle with the Steelers solidifying their hold on the top spot and the previously undefeated Wolverines going down by two points to a resurgent Vipers. The Blitz rounded out a shutout-double with a 20-0 performance by the youngers, holding their podium place with the rest of the top teams.


Saints 38 0 Steelers
Wolverines 0 44 Vipers
Broncos 0 24 Blitz


Saints 8 26 Steelers
Wolverines 28 30 Vipers
Broncos 0 20 Blitz

Next Round

Round 6s games start on Friday night with a game against the Blitz and Wolverines. Saturday has the Steelers and Vipers with the early games and Jets and Broncos rounding out the round in the late afternoon/evening.

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