Results – Round 7: First half of the season

Well that’s that, 7 rounds, 50% of the football year is done and dusted. How’s your team going? Historically, 26 points could be enough to scrape into the top four but realistically, it’s more than likely 30.

Same for league position, if you’re not a part of the top four by now, your chances diminish greatly to play football in February.

That doesn’t mean anything though, there’s still seven rounds of football to play and that means that 24 points is still up for grabs for the team that can string 6 wins together in their available games.

That means there’s a good chance your team is still in the race.

The junior race is much closer than the senior one, 10 points separates fifth and first, whereas the seniors is 16 for the same positions. Round seven also heralds the first round since round 1 where there wasn’t a shutout in the senior division, the juniors streak still continues with Round 3 being the last time a shutout wasn’t played. The Broncos being the team to keep it alive in Round 7.

This round brought us some great results for the league. Friday night gave us potentially a look at the teams who’ll be fighting for 4th place come the end of the season in the seniors, Broncos and Steelers. In the junior game it was much more one-sided, the Steelers maintaining their 8 point lead in the ladder with a 36-0 win over the junior Broncos. Up in the seniors it was much closer, both teams scoring and getting safety’s throughout but it was Jordy Kickett’s conversion which separated the two at the end of full time. The Steelers winning 10-8.

The early game on Saturday saw a dominate junior Saints outfit put the Vipers to the sword with some early scoring in the first half. The second had them continue to maintain their lead, the Vipers returning to put 20 on the board by the end but it wasn’t enough to overturn the initial lead. Saints win 36-20. The top of the table clash (again, probably a preview of who’ll be in 1st and 2nd come the end of the season) between the senior versions had the Saints down by two scores in the first quarter and that lead never got any smaller. Three more scores by the Vipers in the fourth (as well as in previous quarters) only extended their lead, despite letting in a couple to their opposite end zone. Vipers finish 50-18.

The last pairing of the round was between the Jets and the Blitz. The juniors played out an exciting 12-12 draw, both team’s quarterbacks distributing passes evenly between their own receivers and the opposition’s defenders. The draw keeps both teams in touch with the top 4 with the Jets (10 points, 6th) and the Blitz (3rd, 14 points) not too affected by the result. The last game saw the Blitz run away to an easy victory with scores in all but the last quarter.

Here are the results:


Steelers 36 0 Broncos
Vipers 20 36 Saints
Blitz 12 12 Jets


Steelers 10 8 Broncos
Vipers 50 18 Saints
Blitz 35 6 Jets

Next Round

The back end of the season kicks off on Friday night with the Blitz going up against the Wolverines for the second time in as many weeks. Saturday has the Broncos and Jets with the early games and Vipers vs Steelers closing out the round.

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