Results – Round 8: Season 2014-15 Part 2

The road to the Varsity Bowl is now heading downhill. We’re into the back half of season 2014-15 and while a couple of clubs have all sewn up their finals berth, it’s still not certain for a couple of others.

The round began with the Wolverines (3-3-1) and Blitz (4-2-1) on Friday night. The junior Blitz taking their first ever points against their darker blue rivals. After shipping 88 points (70 in the regular games) to them last season, they’ve come away with only 20 this season. A much needed improvement from the Blitz, moving them into second place with a 14-0 win. The late game of the evening provided more entertainment with the (5-2) Blitz coming away eventual winners at 36-6. The Wolverines (0-7) looking the better opponent than in past rounds with Joel Van Der Meer holding position in the pocket. The Wolverines did manage to score their third TD of the season and second against the Blitz.

The first game on Saturday saw the Jets (1-5-1) run out 40-8 winners over the Broncos (2-4-1) despite them leading 8-0 going into the second quarter. The Jets had the game tied at the half and pushed the throttle in the last half with two scores in each quarter to finish it out. The first tie of the senior season was handed out at the end of the senior Broncos and Jets game, the Jets holding a 14-0 lead into the half. The Broncos relied upon two scores from Ryan Dwyer in the second half to even things up. Both teams will be wondering what could have been if their conversion attempts had paid off, 50% from the 3-yard line.

The final games of the round had both Vipers teams taking all the points. The previously undefeated junior Steelers were put away by two Jimmee Graham scores, eventual winners at 16-6. The last match-up had the senior Vipers (7-0) continuing their winning ways, moving to 7-0 and holding first place with a 30 point win over the Steelers (3-4), 36-6.

This start to the season is the best for the Vipers since the 2011-12 season where they started 6-0, their progress halted by a 38 point loss to the Broncos in Round 7. That loss also stopped one of the longest win streaks in GW history, totaling 21 games. After losing to the Blitz in the first round of 2010-11, the Vipers went on to win the remaining 13 regular season games and eventually won the last title of their most recent threepeat and continued their wins into the 2011-12 season.


Wolverines 0 14 Blitz
Broncos 8 40 Jets
Vipers 16 6 Steelers


Wolverines 6 40 Blitz
Broncos 14 14 Jets
Vipers 36 6 Steelers

Next Round

The next four rounds and the last of 2014 are being held at Anniversary Park in Rockingham. Round 9 kicks off on Friday evening with the Blitz and Vipers. The Blitz juniors will be looking to equal top placed Steelers with a win while a win for the Vipers would see them jump the Blitz and sit in second place. Longtime rivals in the senior division, the Blitz and Vipers meeting together what has now turned out to be the first time this season will no doubt be a well fought one. Their regular season games sitting at 10-10 for all time results, the deadlock will surely be broken at the end of the night. Whatever the result, it will have little effect on the ladder, both teams comfortable inside the top 4.

The Jets and Wolverines meet in the first games on Saturday, the junior teams fighting out who can take fourth place in the ladder while upward in the seniors, the team in green will be wanting their second win of the season while an improved Wolverines will be seeking their first.

The Saints will be looking to restart their win streak on Saturday evening, starting with the Broncos, having gone into the bye with a loss on their minds. Both the seniors and juniors will be wanting to improve these results, the juniors to regain a place in the top 4, the seniors, to regain top place from the Vipers.

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