Round 14 – Fin.

Right, we’re done. No more regular season games for this season. If you’re only now just tuning in to watch the upcoming 2014-15 season, you should probably have a sit down because you’re going to be disappointed.

So I’m not going to go over the results, you can see them for yourselves here and here. We should know by now who’s going to be in the semi’s, too bad if you didn’t want to know the results before you’d watched it on TV. Again, be prepared for disappointment as we’re not broadcast by anyone.

Finals Preview

So, in the junior ranks, the first semi-final is between Blitz and Vipers. The Blitz are making their second appearance in the finals campaign after scraping into 4th last season in the last game. This year, they’ve been fighting for top spot and will be looking to keep their run going. The Vipers are back in a finals spot for the first time since they won the junior flag in 2011-12 over the Wolverines (48-42), they too won’t want their season to finish early and will want to dominate the younger Blitz. In the second semi-final, the top of the table Steelers will be wanting to put the Wolverines out of the final, much like what the Wolverines did to them in last season’s West Bowl IX. Both teams have a good chance at continuing but the Steelers definitely have the best odds early on.

Up in the seniors, the first semi has the Saints v Blitz, a matchup that looks remarkably familiar as it was the same one in Round 14. Chances are the game will look very different, mainly because a final can’t end in a draw. One of these teams is heading home for the season when it’s all said and done. The Vipers, having secured their finals spot some weeks ago, have been rested and will be looking to continue their winning ways into another West Bowl. The Steelers, of course, will be looking to get back into the big show having not been seen there since the 2010-11 loss to the Vipers (34-28).

Some Stats

Let’s talk numbers. People love numbers. Now, some of these (mainly for the seniors) are only for the last 11 years as that’s all the records go back to.

So, the top scorer in the junior ranks this season; Ryan Longridge of the Vipers with 72 points. In the seniors, Vipers import Ronelle Stephens with 104 points.

In 2013-14 there were 65 individual scorers in the junior division, this year, 78. A significant increase in the individuals getting the ball over the line. The total points scored, 1,325, down a 104 points from last years 1,429. In the seniors, however, the numbers were down all over with 83 individual scorers this season compared to 87 last season and 1,622 points scored compared to 1,853 last season.

Some team milestones for junior teams were the Vipers (2,013) and Wolverines (2,087) both scoring their 2000th regular season points during the 2014-15, the Wolverines in Round 9 and the Vipers, leaving it much later, getting it in Round 13. The Saints passed their 1000th regular season point fairly early in the season (1,107).

I’ll finish with the power rankings for the season. A simple formula of points scored/conceded divided by number of games. It’s nothing too complicated.

Power Rankings
Offense Defense
Team PF Games PPG Team PA Games PPG
Vipers 273 12 22.75 Steelers 82 12 6.83
Jets 250 12 20.83 Blitz 112 12 9.33
Wolverines 228 12 19.00 Wolverines 160 12 13.33
Blitz 215 12 17.92 Jets 202 12 16.83
Steelers 182 12 15.17 Vipers 212 12 17.67
Saints 125 12 10.42 Saints 230 12 19.17
Broncos 26 12 2.17 Broncos 301 12 25.08
Power Rankings
Offense Defense
Team PF Games PPG Team PA Games PPG
Vipers 497 12 41.42 Vipers 74 12 6.17
Saints 324 12 27.00 Blitz 137 12 11.42
Blitz 283 12 23.58 Saints 144 12 12.00
Broncos 204 12 17.00 Broncos 218 12 18.17
Steelers 194 12 16.17 Steelers 242 12 20.17
Jets 96 12 8.00 Jets 361 12 30.08
Wolverines 50 12 4.17 Wolverines 472 12 39.33

The Finals

Gosnells Oval is the venue for our finals series once again, having hosted last season quite well. First up on Saturday are the juniors. The Perth Blitz take on the Rockingham Vipers first at midday then the Westside Steelers and the West Coast Wolverines finish off the deciders to see who plays in the West Bowl. In the seniors, Perth Blitz meet the Curtin Saints at 4pm then followed by the Rockingham Vipers and Westside Steelers at 7pm.

Please head over to the game locations page for information on where the ground is located. Come down and support your team!