Round 14 – Season 2013-14’s Finale

Well, this is it. Another season is pretty much in the books. This year’s West Bowl will make it number 20. Gridiron in WA has been going for a bit longer than that, but 20 years for one league is a pretty good achievement.

Still, with one round to go, there’s lots of things that could happen to change the finals for the senior mens league. Unfortunately for those currently outside of the top 4, that won’t change. With the Steelers losing to the Broncos in Round 13, it eliminated them from mounting a finals charge with favourable results in this weekend’s final round.

So, the current finals participants are:

The Vipers have (essentially) played their last game for the season, having three weeks off and a fortnight to prepare for their Semi Finals opponent. However they, along with the Perth Blitz, have a game still to play courtesy of their adventures with Western Power in the Round 11 clash in Port Kennedy. This means their status could change based on that results of that replay.

XXIV2018-2019Swan City TitansRockingham Vipers12-6Dorrien Gardens
XXIII2017-2018Rockingham VipersSwan City Titans54-14Dorrien Gardens
XXII2016-2017Rockingham VipersCurtin Saints38-6Dorrien Gardens
XXI2015-2016Rockingham VipersPerth Broncos50-0Dorrien Gardens
XX2014-2015Rockingham VipersCurtin Saints48-14Gosnells Oval
XIX2013-2014Perth BlitzRockingham Vipers44-28Gosnells Oval
XVIII2012-2013Perth BroncosPerth Blitz28-26Kingsway Sporting Complex
XVII2011-2012Perth BlitzRockingham Vipers32-30Kingsway Sporting Complex
XVI2010-2011Rockingham VipersWestside Steelers34-28North Beach Rugby Club
XV2009-2010Rockingham VipersPerth Blitz26-21North Beach Rugby Club
XIV2008-2009Rockingham VipersPerth Blitz50-43Bassendean Oval
XIII2007-2008Westside SteelersPerth Blitz48-14Ashfield Reserve
XII2006-2007Westside SteelersRockingham Vipers44-6Ashfield Reserve
XI2005Westside SteelersRockingham Vipers27-6Challenge Stadium
X2004Hyde Park Giants*Perth Broncos38-7Macedonia Park
IX2003Rockingham VipersClaremont Jets31-11Ken Allen Field
VIII2002Rockingham VipersHyde Park Giants*8-0
VII2001Rockingham VipersWestside SteelersAshfield Reserve
VI2000Hyde Park Giants*Curtin Saints
V1999Claremont JetsHyde Park Giants26-22
IV1998Curtin SaintsWestside Steelers
III1997Hyde Park Giants*
II1996Curtin SaintsPerth BroncosLeederville
I1995Joondalup Bears*Curtin Saints

Going from fourth upwards, the Broncos can do whatever they like this weekend. They can only finish fourth and that’s it. Either on 26 (a loss), 28 (a draw) or 30 (a win) points. They may experiment this round with personnel doing things different from normal just to see what happens.

Currently: 4th
Could finish: 4th

Currently holding third place and with the potential to still take second, the Curtin Saints will still want to post up a win this round, doing so will stop the Blitz from finishing first as they need both wins to secure their first league finish at the top of the ladder. It also means the teams would face each other in the semi finals. Surely a tasty prospect for the marching Saints.

Currently: 3rd
Could finish: 2nd

The Perth Blitz have the most amount of variety to move still in their season, anywhere from the top spot to the 3rd place could be in their future before it’s all said and done. All the while, working hard for their first top of the ladder finish, having watched the other teams finish ahead of them (and could still) in every other season. A win over the Saints in this round would secure 2nd place and with a further draw or win over the Vipers enough to finish in 1st, ensuring a semi finals matchup against the holders, the Perth Broncos.

Currently: 2nd
Could finish: 1st-3rd

The mainstay at the top of the ladder, the Rockingham Vipers, will be wanting the results to go their way this weekend to ensure a top finish. Even so, the lowest they can fall is to 2nd so it’s not a massive drop. Losing it to the Blitz might hurt but more than likely provides more than enough incentive to make sure they get to the Grand Final and hopefully meet them there again.

Currently: 1st
Could finish: 2nd

Now, over in the juniors league, the finals places are mostly said and done. In stark contrast to their senior counterparts, the Wolverines have done an outstanding job in maintaining their unbeaten run all season, a 14 point lead over 2nd place established their top spot weeks ago. The Westside Steelers, also secure in their 2nd place by 6 points, also have nothing to worry about nor can they move from their spot on the ladder.

XIV2018-2019Claremont JetsRockingham VipersDorrien Gardens
XIII2017-2018Perth BlitzRockingham Vipers14-6Dorrien Gardens
XII2016-2017Perth BlitzRockingham Vipers46-20Dorrien Gardens
XI2015-2016Rockingham VipersClaremont Jets58-28Dorrien Gardens
X2014-2015Westside SteelersPerth Blitz20-8Gosnells Oval
Coast Wolverines
Westside SteelersGosnells Oval
VIII2012-2013Curtin SaintsPerth Broncos50-0Kingsway Sporting Complex
VII2011-2012Rockingham VipersWest
Coast Wolverines
48-42Kingsway Sporting Complex
VI2010-2011Rockingham VipersPerth Broncos35-8North Beach Rugby Club
V2009-2010Perth BroncosNorth Beach Rugby Club
IV2008-2009Westside SteelersRockingham Vipers24-0Bassendean Oval
III2007-2008Westside SteelersPerth Broncos25-20Ashfield Reserve
II2006-2007Westside SteelersPerth Broncos18-6Ashfield Reserve
I2005Rockingham VipersWestside Steelers18-12Challenge Stadium

It’s the 3rd-6th places that are of most interest for this weekend. The Vipers (5th), however, have been eliminated from the finals having finished their games for the season.

6th place Saints, the current Junior State Champions, haven’t had the follow up season they expected but can still make an impact come finals if they get a win over the Blitz. Sitting on 20 points, they can possibly leap frog two teams and finish in 3rd with 24 points.

Currently: 6th
Could finish: 3rd-4th, 6th

The youngest of all the juniors teams, the Perth Blitz having completed only one season before this, have the opportunity to continue playing past this weekend if they can secure a win over the Saints. Sitting 4th with 2 other teams on 22 points (Broncos and Vipers), a win would secure their finals berth, a Broncos loss would put them in 3rd, to meet the Steelers in the Semi’s.

Currently: 4th
Could finish: 3rd-5th

Unlike their senior teammates, the Broncos clash with the Wolverines holds a lot of importance in terms of who they face in the Semi Finals. A win over the Wolverines would allow them to avoid them until the GF, whereas a loss means they would meet them again in the Semi’s a fortnight later.

Currently: 3rd
Could finish: 3rd-4th

After all that, in large part it’s still up in the air. There’s still lots of football to play and as we all know; on gameday, anything can happen.

See you on the weekend!