Results – Round 4

One more round down in 2014-15 has the Saints continue their march, going to 4-0 in the Seniors with an 8 point victory over the Jets. The junior version of the Saints, however, gave the Jets their first win since 2012-13 with a 14-26 loss.

Friday night had a fairly one-sided affair in the juniors with the Vipers running away to an easy victory with a 42 point win over the Broncos. The seniors made it much more entertaining with a conversion battle winning out. Both teams finishing with 3 scores but the Vipers getting all the points with one more conversion than the horses.

The junior Wolverines played out a draw in their game against the Steelers, a surprise result for the season but with both teams sharing the points and the top spot on the ladder, the result won’t make too much of a dent in their title aspirations. The seniors, again, was definitely one sided with the Steelers running away with the game.

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Broncos 0 42 Vipers
Wolverines 22 22 Steelers
Saints 14 26 Jets


Broncos 22 24 Vipers
Wolverines 0 46 Steelers
Saints 20 12 Jets

Next Round

Round 5 is the first of the next four rounds to be held at Kingsway Sporting Complex in Madeley. The Saints v Steelers kick things off on Friday night while on Saturday, the Wolverines v Vipers and Broncos v Blitz take care of the afternoon’s games.

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