Round 4 – Updated Scores and Tables

The Fourth round of the 2015-16 season has come and gone, the positions in the ladder are starting to solidify. That being said, there’s still plenty of the season to go.


The junior games proved one sided; all the away teams won and only one home team, the Perth Broncos, managed to score. Friday night saw the Blitz hand a severe loss to the Saints,?shutting them out and putting 36 points on the board before the final whistle.

The Vipers, first up on Saturday, went one TD better by putting 42 points on the Steelers and also shut them out. Finally, the Broncos, scoring a TD for the home teams, were beaten by the Wolverines 26-6.

These results only serve to compress the ladder, with positions 2-5 on the same points (8), losses?and points difference separating them.

L Saints 0 36 Blitz W
L Steelers 0 42 Vipers W
L Broncos 6 26 Wolverines W


The seniors table is a little bit different. Two teams have yet to get points on the ladder, leaving the other five to take them all. The top two, Saints and Vipers, have set up an early lead and the rest will have some work ahead of them to reel them in.

The Saints managed another win on Friday night but not without some effort, an 8-6 win over the Blitz in Rockingham continued their early season form, undefeated in 4. The Vipers secured another win, this time by forfeit with the Steelers pulling out earlier in the week and the round finished with the Broncos putting the Wolverines to the sword with a 20-0 win.

W Saints 8 6 Blitz L
L Steelers 0 7 Vipers W
W Broncos 20 0 Wolverines L

Power Ranking

I’m going to endeavour to put this in every week so people can see how their team is faring for the season in offense and defense.

In the seniors, the Saints have moved up one place on the Vipers in the rankings for offense to take top spot but the Vipers have moved up one on defense over the Saints, also to take top spot.

Offense ? Defense
Team PF Games PPG ? Team PA Games PPG
Saints 156 4 39.00 Vipers 14 3 4.67
Vipers 107 3 35.67 Saints 20 4 5.00
Broncos 54 3 18.00 Broncos 54 3 18.00
Jets 36 3 12.00 Steelers 76 4 19.00
Blitz 42 4 10.50 Wolverines 68 3 22.67
Steelers 26 4 6.50 Blitz 94 4 23.50
Wolverines 19 3 6.33 Jets 114 3 38.00
Average 440 24 18.33 ? Average 440 24 18.33

While over in the junior ranks, the Vipers have a massive offensive lead while defensively, the Jets and Wolverines hold strong at 8 points a piece.

Offense ? Defense
Team PF Games PPG ? Team PA Games PPG
Vipers 110 3 36.67 Jets 24 3 8.00
Broncos 48 3 16.00 Wolverines 24 3 8.00
Jets 48 3 16.00 Vipers 32 3 10.67
Blitz 60 4 15.00 Blitz 64 4 16.00
Wolverines 40 3 13.33 Saints 72 4 18.00
Saints 32 4 8.00 Steelers 80 4 20.00
Steelers 20 4 5.00 Broncos 62 3 20.67
Average 358 24 14.92 ? Average 358 24 14.92


The scoring ladders have been updated for both seniors and juniors. Daniel Strickland is leading the way for the Saints with 50 points and it’s a 6 way tie in the juniors, each with 12 points.

The caveat for this ladder is that there’s still information missing from the Vipers, Saints and Broncos so if you feel you should be on that ladder somewhere, please talk to your club representative about getting it rectified.

Next Round

Round 5 moves the league further north from Rockingham and into Curtin University. Edinburgh Oval will host the league for the next four rounds, taking us to Round 9 when we move north again.

These are your fixtures:

Jets ?v Steelers
Broncos ?v Saints
Wolverines ?v Vipers

Please consult the game locations page for information on where the grounds are.

For those who are interested in data and stats, I’ve been compiling this years and previous years results into a spreadsheet (where I get all these numbers from), if you’d like to look at it directly, then you can by going here.