The Beards of Gridiron West

The season is coming, we all know this. With a mere couple of weeks separating us from the first kick off, it’s a good time to talk about the important things; beards. We can speculate all we like over who has the best run game, the best defense, the best uniforms or the best waterboy but the beard is something that is oft-pointed at and admired but not given much airtime for the dedication required to have and nurture one.

Throughout modern society, the beard has returned to it’s graceful, all-encompassing place at the top of the food chain. In sport, however, this is a bit hit and miss. There are plenty who grow the “I’m not shaving until we win” beard, or conversely, “I’m not shaving until we lose”. Then there are those who just fail to notice they’ve got hair on their face while struggling through a team’s season. Some look as if their facial hair has not really decided to commit to the beard itself, resulting in a patchy and prepubescent look. While finally, there are those who are focused and determined enough to grow and shape a formidable weapon. A weapon of hair. On their face.

In GW there are some great examples of all of these beards, of all categories and this is our chance to show them. Get them out there so we can see the best. Find your teammates and get a photo. Let’s find out who has the *best beard in Gridiron West. We can all vote on it, democratic-like. Get at least one from each club (multiples are fine, an intraclub beard-battle royal rumble is completely within the rules) at least and put it forward as the spokesbeard for your constituents. We can then challenge the rest of the country, to find out who has the best beard in gridiron in all of the land.

It’s a big task but I think we’re up for it. Get the photos and submit them to the comments for all to see. Once the season starts we can narrow down the best and put it to a vote. Get to it and let’s see the beards.


*”best” is completely arbitrary and is purely based on gut feeling and then subsequent voting, whether rigged or not. No science will be applied to this in any way shape or form.