The History of Gridiron West

The community needs your help!

Gridiron has had quite a history in WA since the sport began as the WAGFL in 1988. We’ve now got a place on our new website to make sure this history doesn’t get lost. Or, if it is lost, to find it and put it up. We’ve tried to put as much detail as possible into the current pages we have but there are definitely holes, especially in the championship game opponents and results.

If you, or anyone else within your clubs can help with this information we need to know. We want to make this as complete as possible. There’s a lot of history in our league and the up and coming players and future stars need to know about it.

Please have a look at the History and the West Bowl pages on the site and see if you can fill in any blanks.

If you are able to help, please send a message to either the facebook page or fill in the Contact Us form that’s on this website with your details.

Thank you for your help.