The History Project Continues

Sometime last year I started collating results from previous years in an attempt to create a history for the current (and future) gridiron community in WA and Australia. This was to show the history of change that’s occurred within the state since this sport was originally kicked off back in 1989.

Late last year, with the help of journeyman official Tom Marshman, I’ve been able to collate nearly a decade worth of results onto this site. If you go into the Results Archive section, you’ll see that we now have results from the 2004-current season. With one exception; the 2009-10 season. This unfortunately isn’t anywhere to be found. I’ve got a couple of results from clubs but not many, certainly not enough to post.

Getting information is the toughest part and no doubt it will continue to be but sometimes it shows up in the unlikeliest of areas. Like on the side of a championship bottle of port that the Jets created for their 1993 final win. A chance siting of the scores led to several other bits of information being filled in for the history of the WAGFL that weren’t there before.

This sort of thing may go on for years yet, filling in the blanks as the blurry memories of some well worn heads gradually come forward with little tidbits here and there that help create the larger picture that is the history of gridiron here in the west. As always, if you’re able to fill in the blanks for that season then please help out. Contact us if you’ve got any information. This includes blurbs which might describe the season, any major events which occurred or interesting facts that may be good to publish on their respective season pages.

I still believe that doing this is important for the current players as well as the new ones still to join us. It allows people to see that teams that are now powerful on the field, perhaps once were not. And of course, vice versa. That times do change and so do fortunes on and off the field for clubs and players alike.

Embrace what your club is doing now, help evolve their future in any way you can and in turn, help us to document it for future reading. Knowing where the sport has come from and how far it’s evolved only makes playing and being a part of it more fun.

I’ve got stats I can post about the history up until 10 years ago but I’d like to do it once I’ve filled in the 2009-10 season. If anyone can help with that, it would be appreciated.