The time is near. Football beckons.

We’re almost at the start of the season for 2015-16, oh what a wait it has been. With the last minute turmoil of the Junior Nationals here in WA, we’re all looking forward to what next year’s AGL can bring at the end of this upcoming season.

Congratulations need to go out again after the?excellent performances of our WA boys along with the rest of the Outback at this year’s World Championships in Canton, Ohio. They came away with an excellent set of results (3-1) and performed on the world stage like professionals.

As for Gridiron West, there’s lots to look forward to. A few new administrative changes means that there’s a bit more structure for clubs to work with, a manual to follow and apply. This should take the pressure off a few areas of clubs and the league itself by offering some answers to questions which long get asked.

The updated version of this document will be available shortly in the Administration area of this site.

The football itself though, that hasn’t changed. Helmets still need to be strapped, pads still need to be fitted and fun still needs to be had.

For those who are looking for fixture details, your club rep will have this information for you but the basics are up on this site. Ground details haven’t been released yet but the games have. If you happen to spot any problems, please let us know right here on the site.

Last week, to capitalise on the rush of interest in Jarryd Hayne’s debut for the San Francisco 49ers, we put this together:

It’s a brief history of football in WA, with the limited information we have. There are?some plans to do a couple more, focused on clubs and maybe even player achievements if the?data can be found. What would you like to see?

So, getting onto what’s coming: The 2015-16 Season.

Both the juniors and seniors are looking at some great games ahead. Where will your team finish? Who’s your pick for the flag? Who will be the standout player? The Vipers will be looking to extend their unbeaten run, currently sitting at 14 after taking their first title in 4 seasons. From memory, the record of unbeaten games is at 21, so there’s still a bit to go before that record is matched.

Over in the Under 19 ranks, the Steelers will be looking to extend their winning ways but?will need to be looking over their shoulder as Kevin Wilson and the Blitz have a score to settle.

There are many more stories in this league but the narrative still stays the same; we’re here for the football. Get down, get involved and make sure everyone knows who your club is and what league they play for.

Welcome to the gridiron!