Update! Finally. Rounds 1, 2 and 3

We’re well into the season now, this weekend coming represents the completion of the first quarter of season 2015-16. Since this is the first update on here for the season and I’ve not been around (a slight case of being in another hemisphere), I can’t give a recap of the games so I’ll just?point out the fact that all the table ladders are updated and the fixtures, too.

With the addition of the new teamsheets you may have seen your team manager/coaches filling out, it means that the scoring and game attendance stats will be a little more accurate. Hopefully this will mean no more blanks. It will also show how many games you’ve played during the season, while this will be important come finals time, it also helps for career info.

The power rankings so far for the season is a bit skewed because some teams have played 2 or 3 games but after this round it might clear up a bit. It will be more balanced come the mid point of the season of course.

Power Rankings
Offense ? Defense
Team PF Games PPG Team PA Games PPG
Vipers 100 2 50.00 Saints 14 3 4.67
Saints 148 3 49.33 Vipers 14 2 7.00
Broncos 34 2 17.00 Steelers 69 3 23.00
Blitz 36 3 12.00 Wolverines 48 2 24.00
Jets 36 3 12.00 Broncos 54 2 27.00
Wolverines 19 2 9.50 Blitz 86 3 28.67
Steelers 26 3 8.67 Jets 114 3 38.00
Average 399 18 22.17 ? Average 399 18 22.17

If you’d like to help out with any of this, please let us know via the contact page on here.

Upcoming Round

Round 4 kicks off on Friday night, continuing down at Anniversary Park in Rockingham. It’s the Perth Blitz v Curtin Saints on Friday night, with the Steelers and Vipers starting things off on the Saturday and Broncos v Wolverines to finish things off on Saturday. The Jets are enjoying a bye this week, coinciding with their annual Halloween Party.