Week Nine Wrap Up


The Wolverines put on a clinic in their 64-6 demolition of the Jets junior squad. The Wolverines are looking unstoppable this year.

The Steelers and Blitz slugged it out in another close game. This time however the Blitz were able to edge the Steelers 12-8.

The junior Broncos were able to keep their playoff hopes alive in the must-win game against the Vipers, squeaking out a 22-20 victory in a thriller.


In their closest game of the season the Jets were competitive but not able to do enough to win, eventually losing 12-0 to the Wolverines at the Arena. Although another disappointing loss this marks a huge turnaround from the 74-18 shellacking they suffered in the opening round.

Unfortunately the Steelers forfeited their senior game this week, leaving the Blitz with a 7-0 win recorded for the second straight week.

The Broncos put in a disappointing effort against the Vipers, who found their form with the return of their QB, Ben Gastarov. A few other familiar faces have returned to shore up the team and they are now looking as solid as ever, and the return of an offensive juggernaught that couldn’t be stopped by a depleted Broncos defense. The Vipers were never in doubt, running out to a 36-8 victory and cementing the Broncos in fourth position.