Week Ten wrap up

Friday Night Lights

Perth Blitz vs West Coast Wolverines


Coming off an unbeaten run of four games, the Perth Blitz juniors were always going to face an uphill battle against the West Coast Wolverines. Well drilled and well disciplined, the future stars of the league may very well be coming out of Padbury. Despite this, the Blitz juniors put in a valiant effort, managing to keep their opposition to less points than last time but still succumbing to a tough loss. The Wolverines, secure in their top spot are cruising to the finals while the Blitz, sitting in 3rd, still need at least a win and favourable results to secure their first finals berth. The final result, Wolverines 30-6 Blitz.


The senior Perth Blitz team faced a diminished but determined West Coast Wolverines at Arena Joondalup on Friday night. With only a few people on the sidelines for the Wolverines, it was clear that it was going to be tough going for them to maintain intensity for the whole game. Respect still has to be given to them for standing up the whole game and not letting the Blitz take away an easy win. With the deficit creeping up to unmanageable levels, the mercy rule (and subsequently a running clock) was invoked for the second half, leaving the Blitz scoreless as their defense spent the majority of the time on the field and their offense could do little to secure another score. The final result, Wolverines 0-46 Blitz.



Westside Steelers vs Curtin Saints


The first half saw a robust Steelers defense containing the Saints and their efforts to move the ball. Keeping it on the ground ended up being their best bet, resulting in some good ball movement for those in gold helmets. The Steelers, capitalising on a change of sides at the quarter, headed up field with a quick screen with a TD the reward.

With a late pick deep into the second quarter, the Saints went into the half-time break a distant second to a resilient Steelers.

The Saints showed some vigor straight after half time and managed another eight points, but it was short lived with the Steelers clocking up some more to give them a comfortable run home, and to cement second spot on the ladder. Steelers win 26-8.


Claremont Jets vs Rockingham Vipers


The Vipers jumped out of the blocks and put a TD on the scoreboard early before the Jets maintained some consistency over their offense and put some good drives down on the field. A heartbreakingly close effort saw the Jets stripped of the ball and a TD in the end zone.

The vipers hit back with a great individual effort from QB Ryan Longridge, scoring again after an eternity at the 5 yard line.
The Jets D, while valiant, eventually gave way, with a nice run play to get the vipers into the end zone.

The Jets were the next to score , with a sweep to running back Chris Barbour who strolled over the line. The conversion was successful with a wrap by QB Lachlan Poor. The Jets came home strong with some nice yards in the last few minutes, and they had the bulk of possession in the second half. Unable to capitalise, they were beaten by the clock 5 yards out to end the game. A fantastic effort by the Vipers to win 24-8 with some stand out performances by the Vipers offense.


Curtin Saints vs Westside Steelers

pagexThe Saints started week ten refreshed from a bye after securing a big win over the defending Champions the week before. The game started slow but the Saints put on a score and soon after put up another. The Steelers however were likewise grinding some good yards and put together a nice drive to take a score into the half as well.

Saints star Californian recruit Kevin Reed snapped off a 50yd run behind some great blocks and dynamo RB Josh Munns like wise scored on a 20 yarder, collecting the 2pts as well for his efforts.

The second half saw a changed game. The Saints thin bench was still more than the Steelers iron-man squad was sporting, but the Steelers had the smell of victory and went about achieving it with a hunger that the Saints couldn?t seem to muster on the day. It was a workman like performance that saw the Steelers drive the field on several occasions, resulting in scores for the Westside players. The Saints lost the battle of the trenches and struggled to move the chains on offense and defense. A close game but in the end the Steelers simply played consistently better football and deserved to run out victors on the day. Steelers win 22-14.

Claremont Jets vs Rockingham Vipers

pagelBoth teams were confident going into this, a classic clash of the maroon and green. It was clear the battle would be tough though as both teams looked thin on the ground, with few reserves.

Fairly soon into the match it was obvious the game would be driven by the two Quarterbacks, both playing traditional style from the pocket.

Vipers QB Benny G started in the usual dominating fashion in what became a master class of Quarterbacking. He clinically went about picking apart a fairly handy defense, who were simply outclassed by the display.

The Jets defense were solid, and managed a few turnovers including one pick six by utility player Nathan McCann who ran 70 plus yards to score. The Jets offense looked it’s most commanding all season, with some lovely passing from the pocket and scrambling by the QB Marty Ascott.

The Vipers line gave barely an inch, but found containing Jets running back Jon Liu a difficult task, however the might and strength of the Vipers boys prevailed in keeping him from getting too many yards. In the end, the Vipers offense were able to score too many points to allow a full blown Jets revival, but there were some promising performances from the beleaguered Jets who seem to be getting closer to that elusive win.

Vipers win 46-28.