WA Raiders defeat SA Sharks

The WA Raiders took on the SA Sharks in South Australia on Saturday the 5th of May. WA went into the game as strong favourites, coming off the back of wins against NSW Wolfpack and Victoria Eagles. SA went into the game with no wins against their name.

This game was the Sharks last game for the AGL tournament, having the bye for round 5. This meant they had nothing to lose and could lay it all on the line for the win, but the Raiders weren?t about to let that happen.

The first score came from a rookie raider, Jake Taylor with a reception from QB Ben Gastarov. Once the touchdowns started, they didn?t stop. There was subsequent TD?s from Drew Shelford-Tiatia, Doug Stewart, Brandt Honda?and Denzel Pernell.

The strong Raiders defense proved themselves with a shutout against the SA squad. Defense had 3 interceptions and 3 forced fumbles for the game.

The defensive MVP went to Jarrod Bennetts, who played great and unfortunately suffered an injury late in the game. Offensive MVP went to Vincent Villicano?who had an outstanding performance running the ball and playing slot receiver. Team MVP went to Patrick Burling with 2 sacks and 2 forced fumbles for the day.

The end result was WA Raiders 30 def SA Sharks 0

Photographer: Nanette Mazey