WA Raiders vs QLD Sundevils

Battle for the Championship!

WA Raiders will play the QLD Sundevils, May 12th at Curtin University at 2pm. This is the battle for the National Championship! Both teams are undefeated.

Queensland go into the game with 3 wins and the highest scoring offense for the league ? 135points. While, WA go into the game with 3 wins and the best defence of the league ? 35 points allowed.

The last encounter between these two teams was the same scenario. They both went into the game undefeated and needed the win to secure the National Championship. Last AGL, the game went into overtime when the scores were locked at 14-14 at full time. Queensland held out WA in the first series of OT and then when QLD took the ball, they kicked a field goal, securing the win, 17-14.

The WA Raiders have learnt from their mistakes, taking the win against NSW in round 1 this season by kicking a game winning field goal. The Raiders have waited two long years to make up for that loss and they will be ready for it come Saturday.

Defensive powerhouse players of Jonathan Bielawicz, Patrick Burling and Brandt Honda will be working hard to shut down the high scoring Sundevils offence. While Ben Gastarov and his offense made up of Vincent Villicano, Luke Hegney and Daniel Strickland will be aiming to take some early points and get the momentum going!

You can watch this battle for the National Championship down at Curtin Uni, Edinburgh oval at 2pm this Saturday or tune in to the live stream at www.facebook.com/AustralianGridironLeague