Want to be a WA Raider? 2014 Expressions of Interest are now open

3098994175-1The WA Raiders, reigning National Champions are beginning their campaign to retain the title. 2001 was the last time that WA held the title and 2012 marked the end of a decade of dominance by the NSW Wolfpack with the WA Raiders bringing the title back to WA without a loss to its name. It’s now time to embark on a new campaign, the Senior Mens title chase is about to begin.

While no major details of the competition have been released just yet, the AGL is rumoured to be running from April through to May and will contain teams from every league in Australia (Queensland, NSW, Victoria, ACT and SA as well as WA). This will make for a great competition in 2014 and is a great opportunity to represent WA and help keep Australia’s biggest gridiron trophy in the west. It is going to be a home and away competition, flying in and out on the day depending on where the game is.

We are looking to build on our previous wins. With head coach J.R. Rogers of the Perth Broncos retained for another campaign, the WA Raiders are looking to be stronger than ever and will be watching to the entire league for talent with the desire to represent the Raider Nation. We will be running training on Sunday afternoon’s as the season progresses to get things moving. Once the season draws to a close, this will increase to twice a week until the end of the campaign. We are looking for the best, brightest and most dedicated players. We want to ensure that not only do we win games but win them with the best possible football we can play.

If you are interested in taking part in the campaign as a player, coach, manager, trainer or volunteer, please head over to the Expression of Interest form to add your name to the list and ensure you can be a part of the action.

Like previous Raiders campaigns, as well as the people, it will require money to pay for it AGL-Finalall. To try and reduce how much it costs each player we’ve created a GoFundMe campaign for you to push as far and wide as possible for people to get involved with. The figure we’ve set is the an estimation of the 100% cost to get everyone there without paying a cent (why not aim high). Friends, family, bosses, partners, in fact anyone can donate to the cause and help reduce how much it costs each player to go. All funds received from donations will go directly toward the Raiders. Alternatively, if you feel like supporting the cause but don’t want to utilise GoFundMe, the bank details specifically for the WA Raiders account can be made available. Any donations will be kept anonymous unless otherwise specified.

On top of this, we are on the lookout for sponsors for the team, to again reduce costs so if there are any contacts you think might be good to know (big or small), please forward them to your club’s GW Board representative or alternatively contact us through the WA Raiders facebook page or twitter.

The 2014 title charge begins now! Raider Nation!