New Sections, More Content Being Added

In an effort to make it easier to approach the game and understand what the black and whites do on the field, we’ve added a new section under the Resources area of the website centered around the rules of the game. Not only are you able to download the latest Rulebook for the NCAA here, but you can also head over to the newest section, which describes in an easy to understand way the differences between what you see on the NFL and the NCAA rules (by which we abide). That is, aside from the enormous salaries.

There is more planned, expanding to show the slight differences in how Gridiron Australia and Gridiron West enforce the rules (we can’t get the instant replay they do as easily) and an abridged, easy to digest version of the rules.

Remember, if you think you’re able to assist in developing the site, feel free to contact us and we can add you to the team. The more the merrier!