Want to Add the ladder to your home page? Now you can

If you run your club’s website (or your own) and have to keep updating the league ladder on it to match the GW one, this might make you happy.

You can now embed the ladders for both the juniors and seniors as well as the fixtures (including results up until that point) for the current season directly from gridironwest.com. It pulls the data directly from us so you don’t have to update it every round, it will do it for you.

It comes fairly bare bones so you can style it yourselves to match your own website as you see fit. Understandably, we’re not web page designers here so we can’t help you get the styling right, google is probably the best place to go for that.

That being said, we’ve included a couple of links to show you how it works (or, should) when putting it on your site. Show us your own version once you’ve done it if you like!

Head over to the Embed page area so you can give it a shot.