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Welcome to Gridiron West

Gridiron West is more than a sports league – it’s a community united by our shared passion for American football. We’re also a non-profit affiliated with the Western Australian Department of Local Government, Sport, and Cultural Industries and Gridiron Australia. A dedicated board of volunteers leads our mission to deliver an exceptional American football experience in WA. Our offerings include full-kit tackle gridiron for Under 20s, Women, and Men, an upcoming flag football competition, and our state representative team, the WA Raiders.


Igniting the Gridiron Spirit Since 1988

Gridiron in Perth began in 1988 with a recruitment drive that paved the path for the Western Australian Gridiron Football League (WAGFL). Starting with only two teams – the Northside Chargers and Southside Seahawks – the league quickly expanded to encompass the Perth Broncos (formerly known as the Bassendean Broncos), Claremont Jets, Mount Lawley Bengals, and more. The inaugural game, hosted at Jubilee Oval, culminated in a 2-0 victory for the Perth Broncos, marking the sport’s birth in Perth.


Evolving and uniting: Pioneering American football in Perth

In 1994, Gridiron West emerged as an independent league, breaking away from the WA Gridiron Football League. As members of Gridiron Australia, we’ve remained at the forefront of the sport’s growth and development. Over time, our league has expanded significantly, serving as a platform for enthusiasts and providing pathways for players.


Embracing diversity: Elevating Women’s gridiron

The inaugural Women’s competition took place in 2017. We proudly welcomed women’s teams from the Perth Broncos, Curtin Saints, Perth Blitz, and beyond. Our commitment to embracing diversity and inclusivity has paved the way for women to shine in American football.


The future is here: Embracing Flag Football

Flag football is rapidly gaining global recognition and has caught the attention of the International Olympic Committee. The essence of flag football lies in its ability to unite communities, appealing to all ages, genders, and skill levels through its non-contact nature. At Gridiron West, we’re excited about delivering a flag football experience, thereby contributing to the ongoing growth of the sport. Please register your interest in joining our flag football competition.


Join the gridiron legacy: Unleash your potential

Gridiron West invites you to become a part of our legacy, whether you’re an experienced player, an enthusiastic flag football supporter, or an individual keen on exploring a new sport. Our league fosters camaraderie, personal growth, and athletic excellence, creating opportunities to forge lifelong friendships and unlock your potential. Discover more about our clubs, teams, events, and the dynamic realm of American football in Perth, Western Australia, by exploring our website.


Power our league: Volunteer with a passion

Our league thrives on the dedication of our remarkable volunteers. From field management to operating canteens, their unwavering support lays the foundation for our organisation’s success. We offer volunteer opportunities if you want to make a difference off the field. Join our team and contribute to the vibrant community spirit that defines Gridiron West.


Be part of the action: Officiate and earn

For those seeking paid roles driven by their passion for the game, why not become an official? Our comprehensive training equips you with the essential skills to excel in this capacity. Get in touch today to learn about officiating and become vital to the Gridiron West family!