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 West Bowl

Since its inception in 1995, the West Bowl has stood as the pinnacle of achievement in Gridiron West. As the thrilling culmination of each season, the West Bowl brings together the most talented teams in our league to battle it out on the field. The West Bowl has become an integral part of Gridiron West’s legacy, which continues to shape the landscape of American football in Western Australia each and every season.


XIX2023-24West Coast WolverinesClaremont Jets24-12E & D Litis Stadium
XVIII2022-23West Coast WolverinesClaremont Jets22-14Lightning Park
XVII2021-22Claremont JetsCurtin Saints20-12E & D Litis Stadium
XVI2020-21Rockingham VipersBlitz-Jets Thunderbirds20-0Dorrien Gardens
XV2019-20Rockingham VipersCurtin Saints14-6Dorrien Gardens
XIV2018-19Claremont JetsRockingham Vipers38-8Dorrien Gardens
XIII2017-18Perth BlitzRockingham Vipers14-6Dorrien Gardens
XII2016-17Perth BlitzRockingham Vipers46-20Dorrien Gardens
XI2015-16Rockingham VipersClaremont Jets58-28Dorrien Gardens
X2014-15Westside SteelersPerth Blitz20-8Gosnells Oval
IX2013-14West Coast WolverinesWestside SteelersGosnells Oval
VIII2012-13Curtin SaintsPerth Broncos50-0Kingsway Sporting Complex
VII2011-12Rockingham VipersWest Coast Wolverines48-42Kingsway Sporting Complex
VI2010-11Rockingham VipersPerth Broncos35-8North Beach Rugby Club
V2009-10Perth BroncosNorth Beach Rugby Club
IV2008-09Westside SteelersRockingham Vipers24-0Bassendean Oval
III2007-08Westside SteelersPerth Broncos25-20Ashfield Reserve
II2006-07Westside SteelersPerth Broncos18-6Ashfield Reserve
I2005-06Rockingham VipersWestside Steelers18-12Challenge Stadium


VI2022-23Rockingham VipersWest Coast Wolverines50-42E & D Litis Stadium
V2021-22Rockingham VipersWest Coast Wolverines38-0E & D Litis Stadium
IV2020-21Rockingham VipersPerth Broncos16-14Dorrien Gardens
III2019-20Perth BlitzRockingham Vipers26-8Dorrien Gardens
II2018-19Perth BroncosPerth Blitz20-6Dorrien Gardens
I2017-18Perth BlitzPerth Broncos22-6Dorrien Gardens


XXVIII2022-23Vincent City DucksSwan City Titans16-8E & D Litis Stadium
XXVII2021-22Swan City TitansCurtin Saints28-20E & D Litis Stadium
XXVI2020-21Swan City TitansRockingham Vipers36-12Dorrien Gardens
XXV2019-20Rockingham VipersSwan City Titans42-12Dorrien Gardens
XXIV2018-19Swan City TitansRockingham Vipers12-6Dorrien Gardens
XXIII2017-18Rockingham VipersSwan City Titans54-14Dorrien Gardens
XXII2016-17Rockingham VipersCurtin Saints38-6Dorrien Gardens
XXI2015-16Rockingham VipersPerth Broncos50-0Dorrien Gardens
XX2014-15Rockingham VipersCurtin Saints48-14Gosnells Oval
XIX2013-14Perth BlitzRockingham Vipers44-28Gosnells Oval
XVIII2012-13Perth BroncosPerth Blitz28-26Kingsway Sporting Complex
XVII2011-12Perth BlitzRockingham Vipers32-30Kingsway Sporting Complex
XVI2010-11Rockingham VipersWestside Steelers34-28North Beach Rugby Club
XV2009-10Rockingham VipersPerth Blitz26-21North Beach Rugby Club
XIV2008-09Rockingham VipersPerth Blitz50-43Bassendean Oval
XIII2007-08Westside SteelersPerth Blitz48-14Ashfield Reserve
XII2006-07Westside SteelersRockingham Vipers44-6Ashfield Reserve
XI2005Westside SteelersRockingham Vipers27-6Challenge Stadium
X2004Hyde Park GiantsPerth Broncos38-7Macedonia Park
IX2003Rockingham VipersClaremont Jets31-11Ken Allen Field
VIII2002Rockingham VipersHyde Park Giants8-0
VII2001Rockingham VipersWestside SteelersAshfield Reserve
VI2000Hyde Park GiantsCurtin Saints
V1999Claremont JetsHyde Park Giants26-22
IV1998Curtin SaintsWestside Steelers
III1997Hyde Park Giants
II1996Curtin SaintsPerth BroncosLeederville
I1995Joondalup BearsCurtin Saints