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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re new to the sport or a seasoned player, this page aims to address common inquiries about the league, competitions and more. Please look at the FAQs below to find the information you need. If your question still needs to be answered, please contact us directly.


How old do I need to be to play?

You must be a minimum of 14 to play in the Under 20’s competition and 18 to play in the Men’s competition. The Women’s competition is currently open to all women over 16.


Where’s my nearest club?

You can check out our play page to find your nearest club.


Where do you play?

We have several venues around Perth; please check the fixtures.


What days do you play?

We play on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons and nights.


When does the season start?

The season usually starts in October.


How long is the season?

The season typically runs for about 14 weeks in the regular season with a 2-3 week break over Christmas.


How much does it cost?

All clubs charge different fees. You will also need to budget to purchase gear if the club doesn’t have any to loan you. Please check with individual clubs.


Is prior experience necessary to join?

Nearly every player in Australia has never played before they start, so you will not be out of place. We also have skilled coaches who can assist in getting you ready. The league caters to both beginners and experienced players.


What equipment will I need?

Most of the clubs will provide essential equipment, especially for rookie players. In many cases, all you will need is some football boots and a mouthguard.


Can girls/women participate in the league?

Yes, the Gridiron West league welcomes girls and women from 16 years of age to participate in the sport.


Are there any weight or size restrictions for players?

No, there are no weight or size restrictions for players in the league. There are positions on the field for every body size and shape.


What is the league’s policy on player safety?

Gridiron West prioritises player safety and follows established safety protocols and guidelines. We ensure that all players can access proper equipment and receive appropriate coaching.


What is the flag football competition?

Our flag football competition is an exciting and dynamic version of American football, focusing on skill, strategy, and fun without tackling. Please get in touch with us if you want to register when our flag competition starts.


Do you offer programs for player development?

In conjunction with Gridiron Australia, Gridiron West provides player development programs and clinics to enhance game skills and knowledge.


Do you accept players from interstate or overseas?

Yes, players from around the world are welcome. However, there are rules about how many imports can be on the field at any time.


Will you pay me, provide accommodation or sponsor my visa?

We are an amateur league, so while we can assist you in finding work, accommodation, visas and sponsorships, we can not pay or offer financial incentives to any player.


Do you have interstate and international competitions?

Yes, selections for the WA Raiders are held before each campaign. You must be selected for the Australian Outback Gridiron team to compete internationally. Gridiron Australia conducts selections for Outback football.


Are there opportunities for volunteering or coaching?

Absolutely! Gridiron West encourages individuals to get involved as volunteers or coaches. Please contact us to find the opportunity that suits you best.


Are there any opportunities for league partnerships?

Yes, Gridiron West offers partnership opportunities. If you or your organisation are interested, please contact us for more details.


How do I become an official?

Send an enquiry to the Australian Gridiron Officials Association’s Western Australian chapter.