How old do I need to be?
You must be a minimum of 14 to play in the Under 19s competition and 18 to play in the Open Mens competition. ?The womens competition is currently open to all women over 16.

When does the season start?
The season normally starts the first week of October.

How long is the season?
The season normally runs for 14 weeks in the regular season with a 2-3 week break over Christmas. There is then a 3 week playoff period.

I have never played before will I be ok?
Nearly every player in Australia has never played before they start so you will not be out of place. We also have skilled coaches who can assist in getting you ready.

What?s my nearest club?
Check the individual club pages to find your nearest club.

What equipment will I need?
Most of the clubs will provide basic equipment, especially for rookie players. In many cases all you will need is some football boots and a mouthguard.

How much does it cost?
All clubs charge differently for fees. You will also need to budget to purchase gear if the club doesn’t have any to loan you. Please check with individual clubs.

Where do you play?
We have a number of venues around Perth, please check the schedule.

What days so you play?
We play on Friday nights, and Saturday afternoons and nights.

How do I become an official?
Check out the officials page.